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Spoilers for Heavy Rain ahoy. If you haven't played it yet, don't read this. Or do, whatever.

I just finished up Heavy Rain today. By that I mean I finished the main game last night and I did "The Taxidermist" earlier this morning. Very mixed feelings about the game. I love the story, but it was just so frustrating to play sometimes. The control scheme just does not make sense to me. I mean, I get entirely how it works, I just don't understand why anyone ever thought it was good. I feel like that's been beaten to death though, so I'll just leave it at me being dissatisfied.


In terms of the story, I got a pretty bad ending. I had also resolved to just accept whichever ending I got, so here goes. Scott killed Norman in the scrap metal crushed thingy. Ethan gets shot down. Madison writes a wonderful book. Shaun has the worst life ever. Not exactly an uplifting end, but I found it fitting. I never expected a happy ending to the game, and I'm glad I didn't get one. I was genuinely shocked that Scott was the killer. I never really expected him at all for some reason. The motive was a bit of a stretch, but I can take it. I suppose it just makes more sense in my mind that he would want to prevent such things from ever happening again, versus killing everyone's kid. It's not even as though he rewarded Ethan for all the crap he put him through. He just made him miserable and told him "Good job, you're a good dad. Also you're probably going to jail because you killed a guy. Also you're mutilated now. But yeah, you love your kid." The least he could have done was slip Ethan a 50 or something. Oh well, not like he would have been able to enjoy it anyways.

Now that I've cleared Heavy Rain off the docket, I've moved on to Monster World IV on the console front. Yes, I still have games on my Wii that I need to finish. I haven't bothered to transfer my stuff over to my Wii I yet for some reason, and I'm really not in any rush to do so. Mostly because I like the idea of keeping my Wii U uncluttered right now. I'll be filling it with its own crap soon, so why waste precious storage space on old games not optimized for the system. Monster World IV is pretty cool though. It reminds me a lot of Monster Tale, aesthetically, and I really like that. We'll see how much that game borrowed from Monster World as I progress.


Handheld wise, I beat a bunch of stuff. Oracle of Seasons, Gunman Clive, and Ikachan. Loved them all. Gunman Clive was my least favorite, gameplay wise, but it was aesthetically amazing. If you have a 3DS, I'd recommend it. It's only $2, so no major loss. Apparently it's on iOS too, but I can't imagine touch controls doing well in that game.

That's about all for now. If you'll excuse me, I have a tower to explore.

Monsterally yours,




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