Speak Up Santa (Yes I'm being Difficult)

Greetings all. I'm sure a good portion of you will barely know me, as I've been in a very uninspired space for the last year or so and have barely posted. However, I'm a long time TAY, and formerly Speak Up, participant. So hello to any new people I don't know.

As it is, I absolutely adore Zelda. It's probably my top tier series. I'm also incredibly into Sonic(Genesis kid here, I still have fond memories of the series), Pokemon, Kid Icarus, and basically any platformer. Luigi is always my dog and I welcome anything with his gorgeous visage. I have a mild obsession with Fangamer merchandise, and own quite a few shirts of theirs (Mach Pizza, Pewter Gym, Punch!, Venus, Bear & Bird, Danger Within, Sacred Treasures, Killer Shirt, Mysticeti, & Chronometer to be exact) as well as their Zelda playing cards and the pipe mug. I've also gotten into vinyl records lately, and I appreciate basically anything Frank Sinatra style jazz with those. Thrift stores are your best friends in that regard.


If you were on the hunt for Amiibo, skip Pikachu and Pit. I already have those preordered.

I feel like this is way too long, so I'm gonna go ahead and cut it off. Happy shopping dear friends.


Shirt Size: Small. If it runs tight, get a medium though.

Sweatshirt Size: Small or medium, again, use your judgement.

Systems I own: NES, Genesis, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, every GameBoy, DS(i), 3DS, PS3, PSVita.

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